COVID_19 Resources Archives : Kate Murphy Therapy
Kate Murphy, LCSW specializes in working with people suffering from anxiety and depression, and provides couples therapy including premarital counseling in the Atlanta metro area of Norcross, GA at the Pathway Center for Psychotherapy.
premarital counseling, anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, anger, control issues, career issues, stress, lack of balance, individual therapy, couples therapy, counseling, psychotherapy, Atlanta GA, Gwinnett County, DeKalb County, Fulton County, Norcross GA.
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COVID_19 Resources

Back to school this year is like no other in our memories. Whether your kids are going back to school in person full time or starting online, at some point this year they will probably be working from home -...

Well, COVID-19 is here and impacting our lives. First, we ramped up washing our hands and bought out store supplies of Purell (and toilet paper!). Now, schools are closed, social distancing is a thing, and we're being asked to stop...