Couples Counseling : Kate Murphy Therapy
Kate Murphy couples therapist supports couples to increase the effectiveness of communication and conflict resolution, to explore a lack of intimacy, to deal with a major life transition, and sometimes, to avoid divorce.
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Couples Counseling

Relationship Rebuilding


Couples counseling supports you two in building a stronger life together. You may be frustrated by the fact that your relationship has gotten stuck. Sort of like you’re both playing a well-rehearsed part in a movie that has grown short on romance and long on tension. Additionally, the busyness of modern-day life negatively impacts the quality of time you spend together. Now you’re both feeling disconnected.


I can help you increase the effectiveness of communication and conflict resolution, support an exploration into a lack of intimacy, and process a major life transition. Together we’ll practice different ways of communicating. You can change patterns that lead to unproductive and hurtful arguments. Asking for what you need doesn’t have to end up in a fight.


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Couples Therapy
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What to Expect


I am influenced by Gottman Method Couples Therapy which is an evidence-based model. The structure of our time together is as follows:


1.  Meet to discuss your history and reason for seeking support.

2.  Discuss the Relationship Checklist, an online assessment that is completed by each individual in between sessions. This is optional.

3. Individual 30-minute sessions to get additional history and discover hopes for the relationship.

4. By the third session, we come back together to make a plan that is unique to your couple system based on all of the collected feedback.


All future sessions involve both members of the couple.


Call or email me to set up a phone consultation, 30-minute consultation in person, or to schedule an appointment. Both consultation options are free of charge.

Ready to explore therapy? Schedule a free 30-minute consultation.


Couples Session Fee:

$130 an hour

“To make a relationship last: couples must become better friends, learn to manage conflict, and learn to support each other’s hopes and dreams.”

John Gottman, PhD