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Kate Murphy, a therapist in Chamblee, GA, specializes in helping you decrease stress, anxiety, and depression. You can live a more balanced, connected, and meaningful life. Kate works with individuals and couples over the age of 18 to support healing, communicating, and experiencing joy more often.
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I help hard-working people who appear to have it together. Early to work, conscientious, and busy. Inside anxiety is churning. Thoughts race. Sleep is elusive. It’s hard to celebrate your accomplishments without feeling like a fraud. Start feeling better…Learn more.

My practice is at The District at Chamblee center. I offer the following therapeutic services:


Individual Therapy

Couples Therapy

Premarital Counseling

Adult Adoptee Support

Kate Murphy Therapy

Strategies to alleviate anxiety, depression, workplace stress, and relationship tension. I hope to offer you support and a sense of shared humanity. We’re all human. We all have stuff. It’s normal… Learn More

Ready to explore therapy? Schedule a free 30-minute consultation.
Holiday blues

Christmas and Hanukkah is right around the corner. If you’re celebrating and you’re grieving, it’s really hard…Learn More.

Gift of Gratitude

Expressing gratitude daily has a multitude of benefits, you can rewire your brain from naturally negative to jolly…Learn More.

Adoptee Blues

Holiday ads are all around that send messages about the importance of family and of being grateful. Not great if you were adopted…Learn More.

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